I feel like I found the Fountain of Youth. I suffered from dry skin and itched constantly until I had the Reionator installed. My skin cleared up in less than a week and the itching went away 99%.

The water through my refrigerator actually tastes better than bottled. People who have visited my home can tell the difference, drank a lot of water while here and filled their bottles to take with them.

The installation is quick and easy. Mark Hulbert and his team provided great service and checked back with me to make sure everything was working and that I was happy with my Reionator instead of running after they got paid.

They believe in their product and service and so do I. My only regret is not having done it sooner. It really has made a difference.

I’m very satisfied and am confident in recommending them, their products and services.

Brian, Hooper, UT

Clean, pure drinking water is vital for good health.  Even the water you bathe in can have a dramatic effect.  My son had severe dermatitis and we tried everything without success, but after we installed your Reionator, the rash cleared up immediately (he was allergic to some chemical in the water). My whole family enjoys softer and smoother skin and everything from frozen orange juice to soups and steamed vegetables taste better.  Now I recommend the Reionator to all my patients.

Dr. Glenn Barney

We are loving the Best Water Reionator and Salt Free pre system combination. It is nice having clean drinking water and ice. The best part is that I use a bag salt every 5 weeks instead of every week like I had to before quite a difference for a large family!  We are appreciative of the great price and excellent customer service. I know I can call if there is ever a problem and it will be taken care of.

Karen B

I have noticed the build up on my coffee maker going down and reversing itself, so I looked at other places I have build up and they were doing the same. Everything Best Water told me is coming true. I have had a great experience with them, their customer service is outstanding and I highly recommend them!

Bill B.

“Since we started using this water conditioning system, the improvement in our skin condition has been unbelievable. The greatest difficulty we have faced in using the REIONATOR™ is learning to use less – less laundry and dish soap, less cleaning supplies, less shampoo and less money at the supermarket.”

Marry Ann

I want to thank you for your recommendations and professionalism in educating me about your water system.  As you know, prior to the installation of your Reionator system, I was experiencing problems with my skin.  I would break out in a rash every few weeks and at first had no idea what was the cause.  After realizing that it was probably something in the water, I was fortunate enough to have your knowledge available and receive some good advice.  Since the installation of the Reionator, I have had no problems (except of course when I go away from my home for a few days).

Scott Favero, D.M.D., M.S

“Your system really works! On my skin and my husband’s too. We don’t feel dry and itchy. Thank you for introducing us to the REIONATOR™ system. I don’t know how we would have ever got along without it.”


We love our Reionator Water Softener. Its special process for treating of the water removes many chemicals and heavy metals which makes our softened water taste good and the water is so much healthier! It helps with dry itchy skin and is great for our clothes and dishes! It is good for our home and our family! We highly recommend the Reionator Water conditioner!

Dr. Nate Miller

We are LOVING the system! Our dishes have never been so clean and the hard water buildup is gone. They get shinier every time.


“We immediately noticed how nice the water tasted and felt. I washed my car for the first time without any spots. The REIONATOR™ system really works. My wife and I don’t feel dry or itchy as with the untreated water. We recommend this product to everyone, and now after using it, you will never find us without one. We like the REIONATOR™ so much we would pay two to three times the actual cost to have it. I can’t think of another product that I feel that strongly about.”

Kevin & Family

“Instead of bottled water, we can enjoy my own water at a fraction of the cost. My hair actually feels clean when I get out of the shower.”

Barry and Gail

“After thoroughly researching and speaking with several businesses in the area…none of them were able to offer us a system with all the benefits we receive with the REIONATOR™. We solely recommend your product to anyone interested in solving their water problems.”

Don and Peggy

We love the system, I use a cup of water for each of my students when they come for lessons and have had some ask if it’s filtered water because it tastes so great! I actually empty out my water bottles I buy from the store and fill them with water from our sink. I just like the sports tops but I don’t like the water in them as much as mine! Thank you so much! It’s easy to tell people about our great water when they drink it.


We have had our system so long it’s hard to remember how it was before we had it. But, we do know that the water does taste better at our home than at other homes and restaurants we visit.

Before getting our system, we were concerned about the sodium and other bad chemicals in the water: Those fears are now gone and it tastes so much better but still has the vital minerals.

When bathing: There is not the ‘slimy’ or ‘un-rinsed’ soapy feeling on our skin, and we haven’t been using as much laundry soap and still get the same cleansing. Another great attribute about this system: We have clean water throughout the house.

Wayne and Mary Hovey

Mark was wonderful to work with, gave me a great deal, and did a fantastic job. He took the time to listen to my needs and concerns and to educate me about water softeners. There were no hidden or additional fees- the pricing was upfront and he gave me a great deal! He didn’t try to push any additional, and in my view unnecessary, services. We love our new water softener!!